Siding Repair and Siding Installation

Siding Vinyl, Wood, Metal Repair & Installation  | Hanover MAWe are ProShield Exteriors but we also offer Vinyl, Wood, Metal siding repair, and installation. We serve Boston's South Shore with more than just painting! We want to help you protect your home with durable siding material.

If you need the siding of your home repaired or replaced, please contact use immediately. We are properly trained in the installation of various siding materials.

Some of the siding materials we install are:

  • Cedar Shingle Siding
  • Cedar Clapboard Siding
  • Cement Board/Hardie Plank Siding
  • Vinyl Siding

Cedar shingle and clapboard siding is one of the nicest sidings there is on the market. It will give your home a completely different look. It has a very distinctive look that will set you apart from the other homes surrounding you. On top of the beauty it offers, it also offers structural integrity. The cedar shingle and clapboard siding is very durable because it is made from one of the world’s strongest trees. Cedar is able to take on some of the harshest weather conditions. It also deters insects and will not soak up water because it has anti-absorbent properties. It is also one of the most environmentally friendly materials to work with. Cedar trees are always being planted making it a renewable resource. When you compare cedar to other types of siding materials, cedar is much stronger. If for any reason your homes catches on fire the cedar that is being burned won’t release any harsh chemicals that other sidings release when they are burned. Other sidings use various chemicals in their creation that cedar does not. Cedar sidings can withstand rain, snow, and heat. You can keep the cedar sidings bare which will age exceptionally well or you can stain or paint the siding which will give it more protection.  Cedar naturally offers very well insulation which will transfer into insulating your home.

Cedar siding is really easy to work with and installation can be done quickly and efficiently. Our team of siding installers can have that cedar siding put up in no time. It would be a quality installation of course though, so you do not have to worry about your home being damaged in the future by the elements. We implement a high level of standards for the type of quality work we produce.

You can be rest assured that the sidings we install on your home are installed with the utmost care and no short cuts are taken.

Cement Board or Hardie Plank siding is also a very good option for you to take if you are looking to replace your sidings. Cement Board is a really durable siding material. It has been proven to last a very long time in harsh weather conditions. It can go up against rain and hail without any problem and can handle heat very well too. Cement board can stand really high temperatures and fire without combusting, it is almost entirely made out of cement and sand. Cement board always has really good warranties too so you do not have to worry about getting a replacement if you need too which is unlikely because of how durable it is. Maintenance on cement boards is very minimal, some paint every 10 years would be the most maintenance that it would need. The good thing about cement board is that it can be made to look like other sidings with paints or stains. You can always change the look of your home when you have the sidings repainted too. That ability gives you many options for having an ever evolving home.

Cement boards are very sturdy and most people are not able to install them properly. Our team has been properly trained and knows exactly the most appropriate way to install them. We are very cautious in installing the siding and make sure everything is installed the correct way. Sidings are the first line of defense of many homes and we do not want to leave your home susceptible to damage. With our great installation you will get a beautiful look to your home that will make it look completely new.

Another option for siding that we offer is vinyl. Vinyl has been a really popular choice for home siding for a very long time. This style siding is always in competition with cement board siding because they both offer very distinct qualities.

Since vinyl first came out in the 50s it has grown to be able to mimic the styles of other siding materials. Vinyl comes in many different styles so you are not limited in options of what you want the style of your home to have. Vinyl is very strong and can take on many different elements. Vinyl has proven to be very effective in areas prone to high winds and rain which makes it perfect for hurricane areas. It can take on all these elements without taking on any damage and still work just as strong as the day it was installed. Vinyl is very low cost. Out of all sidings, vinyl is one of the lowest costing siding materials and provides very high strength. The long lasting performance of vinyl makes it one of the greenest options as well because it does not have to be replaced as often. It is also well known that vinyl insulates very little but due to its very long presence in the industry there have been advancements made and now there is vinyl with insulation added to keep the inside of your home at a constant temperature. Vinyl is very lightweight which makes it very easy to handle and install. Maintaining vinyl is just as easy because all you would need to do is wash it down with soap and water and it will keep that same brand new look throughout its life span.

There are several options for sidings on homes and we can easily install them.

If you need any information please call us at (781) 417-5059. We can provide free estimates and give advice and what the best siding option is for you.