Residential Interior Painting in Norwell

Looking to change the look or feel of your home without breaking the bank? An upgrade to the paint in the interior of your home shows your personality and gives your home a new, fresh look without sacrificing a paycheck on new home decor. Painting your home interior also can increase the value of your home, and is a great long-term investment even if you aren't looking to stay in your home for very long. A simple coat of paint can go a long way to turn your house into a home, and at Proshield Exteriors, we are dedicated to help you love the space you are in. At Proshield Exteriors, we don't stop at just providing an excellent product with high quality paint, but we ensure that you are satisfied with our paint process as well. We are dedicated to creating a relationship with our customers based on communication, so you know where your project stands at any given time. Rather than wondering when your project will be done, we make sure to give important updates and stick to deadlines in order to make sure your residential interior painting exceeds your expectations. Call now to get your free, instant estimate at (781) 417-5059!

Residential Exterior Painting in Norwell

For the exterior of your home, paint goes beyond a strictly decorative aspect, and it is truly essential in order to keep your home protected. The areas surrounding Norwell are exposed to the elements in each season of the year, and a new coat of paint can go a long way to ensure your home looks beautiful and is safe, even in the harshest New England weather. With the changing of the seasons, your home can endure heat, rain, snow, and everything in between, which can invite toxic mold into your home if the moisture is not protected against. Keep your home and your family safe today, paint the exterior of your home with Proshield Exteriors! To begin our process for painting the exterior of your home, we power wash the home in order to make sure that any contaminants that can affect paint adhesion are eliminated. From there, we move into our preparation phase in order to protect your home during our paint process. Once our preparation is complete, we paint your home and make sure that once we have completed this that you are satisfied with the end product. As is a standard for all of our services, we make sure to communicate clearly and effectively with our customers to make sure that they are satisfied with what we are providing. Call now to get your free, instant estimate at (781) 417-5059!

Commercial Exterior Painting in Norwell

Interested in giving your business a new, improved look? Commercial exterior painting is one of the simplest ways to update your company's appearance and ultimately bring your business more customers. Painting your business's exterior gives potential clients their first impressions of your company, and with a new coat of paint you can ensure that this impression will be a positive one! Everyone knows that in the fast paced world of business that time is money, and at Proshield Exteriors we make sure to work efficiently in order to help your business continue to run smoothly, while keeping our quality excellent as well. We make sure to provide you and your company with peace of mind that your business exterior will be handled with care, as we clearly communicate our processes for preparation, painting, and review with each of our customers. We work diligently to remove any surface contaminants prior to painting, we paint thoroughly and touch up where needed, and we hold a final inspection to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your new paint. Call now to get your free, instant estimate at (781) 417-5059!

Commercial Interior Painting in Norwell

When you have a client walk through your business's office, the interior paint can influence their perceptions of the business culture and will set the tone for how they view you and your company. Additionally, employee morale can increase when they feel as though their work space is inspiring and motivating to work effectively and productively. Whether it is painting your walls, trim, or ceiling, a little paint goes a long way when determining the mood and productivity of your office. While painting the interior of your business is essential, traditional painting companies work slowly, which can be an intimidating factor to agree to if you want to make sure that your business goes undisturbed. At Proshield Exteriors, we make sure that your company's regular routine goes on as normal, and that we work smoothly and effectively to help make sure that your productivity is not effected. As is our company standard, we ensure that from preparation to the final stroke of paint that we communicate our process and goals to our customers. Your happiness in your updated space is our passion, call now to get your free, instant estimate at (781) 417-5059!

Decks in Norwell

Regardless of the season, adding a deck to your home is a great addition to your family's entertainment and to the value of your home. At Proshield Exteriors, we not only paint decks, but we also build decks as well, and we are able to give you essential knowledge on the best materials and paint for your deck given Norwell's weather conditions. The benefits of adding or updating a deck are endless, including entertainment and relaxation for you and your whole family. By investing in this project, you are ensuring that you and your loved ones have the space for endless hours of entertainment. Every deck that Proshield Exteriors produces is custom built for the terrain and vision of each of our clients, ensuring that you are satisfied with the outcome of your new deck. We love to have the opportunity to collaborate with you and your family to create a quality deck that everyone enjoys, regardless of age. Once we have decided on a material, such as treated wood, cedar, or man-made materials, we create your dream deck and we can place a sealant to protect your deck from Norwell's harsh weather. Invest in a finished product you'll love by calling now to get your free, instant estimate at (781) 417-5059!

Roofing in Norwell

You and your family's safety hinges on the quality and care of your home's roof. Roofs are an often overlooked aspect of a home, but they are essential to protecting you and your loved ones. Many people commonly wait until an issue arises to have maintenance performed on their roof, and at Proshield Exteriors we want to ensure you're safe and to prevent any damage from happening from the start. We have the ability to repair roofs, in addition to create a completely new roof for your home. We offer a wide variety of roofing materials for our customers, including asphalt architectural shingles, cedar shingles, and rubber roofs. Asphalt shingles create a beautiful roof that give you a high quality roof at a reasonable price that is structurally sound. Cedar shingles are durable and help to create beautiful roofs that look natural and age elegantly. Rubber roofing is often underrated, but lead to durable and protect against all of the elements typically found in Norwell's varying seasons. Your roof protects you, now return the favor and call now to get your free, instant estimate at (781) 417-5059!

Siding in Norwell

While we love painting homes, we also work to ensure that the siding beneath a fresh coat of paint is durable and protects your home. Sidings of homes provide more than a beautiful exterior, but also a protection from the elements of New England that cannot be overlooked. We are trained to install various siding materials, and in the case of needed emergency repair, please contact us immediately to allow for us to repair your home quickly and seamlessly. We work with a wide variety of siding materials, such as cedar shingle siding, cedar clapboard siding, cement board or hardie plant siding, and vinyl siding. Cedar shingle and clapboard siding are some of the top siding options on the market, that can update your home with an updated new look. Additionally, cedar siding can be worked with quickly and efficiently, which can come in handy in emergency situations. Cement board or hardie plank siding also are viable options for siding, which are very durable and therefore popular in today's market. Vinyl has been popular since it's launch in the 50s, and has been updated to mirror other siding materials. Due to the transformed nature of vinyl, you and your family have many options to choose from in terms of which siding is best for you. Learn more about the unique opportunities that come with siding today, call now to get your free, instant estimate at (781) 417-5059!