Roof Repair and Replacement

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Not only can we paint your entire home we also do roofing. Roofs are an essential component of your home and we can provide high quality roofing jobs at affordable prices.

The roof defends the entirety of the inside of your home from the various elements mother nature throws at it. It blocks harsh sun rays and rain from entering  and damaging the inside of your home.

Make sure that your roof is capable of withstanding these elements by getting a consultation with us to assess if you need repairs or need a new roof.

What types of roofing do we offer?

We offer:

  • Asphalt Architectural Shingles
  • Cedar Shingles
  • Rubber Roofs

Asphalt architectural shingles,also known as laminated or dimensional shingles,are a beautiful style of roofing that offers a lot of protection. They are premium in the roofing industry but do not let the word "premium" make you believe it will cost a fortune. We offer this high quality roofing job for a very fair and reasonable price. What makes this type of roofing premium is its long life span.This type of roofing can last you anywhere up to 30 years and some higher grade shingles out on the market can last up to 40 years. Your typical shingled roof only has a life span of up to 20 years. This is a really good option if you are in the market to replace your roof. This type of roofing is actually recommended by a lot of roofers and others in the housing industry because of its durability. On top of its beauty it is very structurally strong. You will not have to worry about protecting you roof for a long time after having us install this type of shingle on your roof. It does weigh a little more than other shingles but with the weight comes the extra strength and durability. Architectural roof shingles are made from fiberglass and asphalt. They are heavily layered upon each other to create an extra thick shingle that will protect your home from the elements for a very long time. The architectural roof shingles also offer cool roof properties. This means that the roofing will absorb heat from the sun and reflect it back to the atmosphere to keep your roof cool which then keeps the inside of your home cool. In really hot climates this is perfect because you save energy in air conditioning which then saves you money.

We also offer cedar shingle roof installation. Cedar shingles are some of the most beautiful roofings in the industry because of their natural look and the way they age. Cedar shingles are very durable as well. They last on average 10 years more than your typical roof. This is because cedar is one of the most strongest natural woods used in home construction and roofing. The strength characteristics of a natural cedar tree are still preserved in the shingles which provide for a natural defense against rain and strong winds. Another great characteristic of cedar is its insulation. Cedar is naturally great at insulating environments and keeping temperatures consistent. In a roofing application the results are astounding. Cedar has proven itself as one of the best roofing systems on the market in the insulation of homes. It will keep the temperature of your home low by not allowing the heat to get past the roof. Cedar is one of the best materials to use as a roof system. It can provide some of the best protection against hail and has anti-absorbent properties that protect it against water. Cedar does require some maintenance but it is extremely aesthetically pleasing and can last for a very long time.

We also offer rubber roofing installation. Rubber roofing is one of the most underrated roofing systems out on the market. There is virtually only advantages to using a rubber roof and no disadvantages. Rubber roofing is very durable and protects against all of the elements. Rubber roofing can save you money in energy because it insulates homes very efficiently. Money is then saved through energy savings and money can also be saved in home insurance because the rubber roofing also offers fire resistant properties. The fire resistance allows for the fire to slowly move giving extra time to put it out. Rubber roofs are very environmentally friendly as well because the rubber is recycled and can still be recycled at the end of its life. Rubber roofs life span is really long too, reaching up to 50 years. The rubber roof is easily installed as well. Our team of roof installers can easily apply the rubber roofing in rapid time. It is easy to install because glue is the only thing that is required to install the rubber material. Most of the time the rubber roof is completely in one piece which is a beneficial because there are no seams that can allow water to potentially slip through. Another benefit of rubber roofs is that they are easy to repair. Most repairs can be done with special tapes or liquid rubber. These materials can be easily applied to the affected areas. The only drawback to a rubber roof is the appearance. Rubber roofs come in black and have no defining features. There are options to lay rubber roofing in a shingle manner and paint can be applied to the roof to make it match with the house and other houses on your block. Paint actually is a really good option for rubber roofs because they add an extra layer of defense to the roof.

If you need roofing specialists of asphalt architectural shingles, cedar shingles, or even rubber roofing our team of highly trained roof installers will provide the best installation of the roof system of your choosing. We offer some of the best roof services in the area and will be glad to help in the installation of your new roof. Please call us at (781) 417-5059 for more information or a consultation on what the best option for your home is.