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Residential Exterior Painters in Boston South Shore

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Exterior house paint is a vital component in keeping your home protected. It helps protect your home from the daily elements that your home faces with every season. Rain and Snow can cause significant damage to your home if not protected. Moisture from water can cause unwanted mold and rot which is not ideal for any homeowner.

Weather can be rough here in New England so make sure your home is protected. By protecting your home with the help of our professional exterior house painters, you will be able to insure that your home will not need further exterior maintenance due to improper protection.

Our team of highly skilled painters will apply the best paint on the market to your home to insure that your home is protected from all weather conditions.

We make sure you stay involved in all aspects of your project and work to collaborate through active communication to make sure your project is efficient, effective and fits your needs at an affordable price. Call now for your free instant estimate at 781-243-9974!

The Painting Process

We start the project by power washing the exterior of your home. Power washing the exterior of your home insures that the exterior will be free of any surface contaminants that can affect the adhesion of the paint. By making sure it is clean the paint will adhere to the wall to its maximum capabilities.

After the wall dries our extensive preparation begins. We strongly believe preparation is one of the most important steps in the painting process.

For the preparation stage we begin by placing numerous drop cloths all along the wall where we will be working to protect your property from paint and debris. After that we begin scraping and sanding to remove loose edges and to make sure we have a smooth surface to paint on.

We then use primer on all bare areas of the wall to provide the best adhesion for paint. After applying the primer we protect all areas on the wall that are not being painted with tape and plastic. We begin applying the finish coat to the wall. After applying the finish coat to the wall we then remove the plastic and tape and apply the finish to trim areas.

After we have finished applying the finish paint to all areas requiring finish, we take a look at the masterpiece we have completed and check for areas that need a touch up. We apply any touch up if needed and begin to clean up.

We perform a final walk through with you to make sure you are completely satisfied with what we have produced for you.

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