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We not only paint but we also build and paint decks. Whether it be for a backyard or for a front yard a wooden deck is a nice accent to a home.
A deck may seem like a large undertaking but we can have a deck ready for you in a reasonable time for a fair price.
A deck is perfect for throwing small parties when the weather is great. A deck is a great way to add some value and beauty to your home.

Some reasons to build a deck with ProShield Exteriors:

  • Increase the value of your house, as well as your leisure activities! Adding a deck to your house can have many benefits in different forms. Your house could potentially see an increased value because a deck can make it look extremely beautiful. You’ll also enjoy the added benefit of having a reason to stay outside more when you have a deck.
  • We’ll work with you so you can choose the best materials for your deck. Having a deck is one thing, but having a long-lasting deck is another. Higher quality materials can make a huge difference in the lifetime of your deck, and we’ll make sure you know what different types of materials are out there.
  • You’ll be confident even before the project starts! After you’ve chosen your materials, we’ll also plan out all the steps of the project so you’re always in the loop. Being in complete communication with the people working on your projects can mean the difference between a stressful experience or a wonderful investment.

Decks are a really great investment, they can improve the quality of life significantly but how do you know if you need a deck?

If you’re considering a deck, think about all the positive benefits it can give you and your family. The addition of a deck to your house not only make it more physically appealing, it also increases the value of your house.

As well as increasing the beauty of your house, having a deck can increase the amount of activities you can do in your front or back yard.

If just want to relax and enjoy the nice weather or the view into nature a deck can provide that for you. A relaxing moment for yourself or with your family is a good break to relieve your stress and rejuvenate.

Having a barbecue goes to the next level with a deck because you have many indoor conveniences while still remaining outside. A deck can be customized even more by adding counter tops, a grill, and other furniture.

There is an infinite amount of mixing and matching additions to your deck depending on the type of environment you want to have. You could add a fridge so when you invite your friends they can enjoy delicious, cold drinks while leisurely chatting. This is just one option you can have when you add a deck to your house.

How we go about building your deck

Your first step in getting your deck built begins with you contacting us for a consultation and an estimate on the deck you want to have built. Our friendly and experienced staff are capable of handling difficult projects and won’t shy away from them. If you think it might be impossible to add a deck to your house, ask how we can make it possible.

After you contact us we will assess the area in which you want to build the deck. Depending on the size of the deck you want to have built we will assess what dimension deck would be a perfect fit for the location you want it at. Every deck is custom, there is no one size fits all deck. Decks are fitted exactly to the home and we want to cooperatively collaborate on a deck that best works with your home.

We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction. To make sure you’re satisfied with your new deck, we’ll work with you so you can be confident in the project even before we start. Working with you to make sure it’s the perfect deck for your house also prevents any confusion after the project is finished.

Decks can come in many variations. You can decide what type of materials you would like your deck to be built out of.

There are many options for deck materials but what is used on every deck project is treated wood. Treated wood is wood that has been treated with a special coating the stops it from being affected from the harsh weather. This type of wood is specially designed to be outside where as other untreated woods have a much more difficult time in weather conditions. The treatment stops the wood from rotting or degrading. The treated wood would go unseen as it is used to support the deck and would not be visible. Using quality materials such as treated wood not only prevents danger but also increase the longevity of your deck.

For building the actual deck you have options of using natural materials like different woods or you also have the option of using man made materials. They both have their pros and cons.

You could use treated lumber to build the whole deck if you would like. Cedar is also a great material to use.

Cedar is very beautiful and is used on many homes today. It is very popular because of its natural properties. It does not absorb water and it naturally repels insects. It also ages very beautifully through time if you keep it bare or you can paint it and make it last even longer. Cedar has been proven to last in really harsh weather conditions like hail.

Wood is great because the material is a lot cheaper up front, the downfall to wood is that it requires some maintenance to keep it sealed and looking beautiful. If it is maintained, wood will leave you with a very beautiful deck that will have the natural wood grains that set it apart from others. Wood is by far the most popular option for decks.

While maintaining can help prevent damages, another benefit of using wood is how much cheaper it can be to repair. As mentioned earlier, wood is cheaper up front making repairs cheaper if you were to use different materials.

Man made materials that are used to build decks are either composite, PVC, or vinyl. These tend to last a very long time and require very little maintenance. The only downside to using these materials is that the actual material cost is going to be higher up front but in the long term it would end up costing less because of the very little maintenance.

Now that we have explained the different kind of materials that you can decide on for building the deck we can start to build the deck for you. We build the decks very quickly and efficiently without getting in your way.

We can add a sealant to your deck to protect it from the harsh weather. Paint can be added to the deck if you wish as well. We will make sure the finished product is exactly the way you want it.

We do a final inspection with you to make sure you are fully satisfied.

Our team of deck builders can have decks built in no time and have them ready for summers to come. If you have any more questions about your deck, our friendly staff is always ready to help.

Please contact us at (781) 417-5059 for a consultation and free estimate.