Get Top Quality Residential Painting Services In Boston’s South Shore From The Professional Painters At ProShield Exteriors

Transform your Boston South Shore home with a fresh coat of paint from the professional painters at ProShield Exteriors. Repainting the interior or exterior of your home will add both value and aesthetic appeal to your property. Whether you are looking to repaint your new home in Boston South Shore, or add value to the… read more

Boston South Shore Commercial Painting Services From ProShield Exteriors

Proshield Exteriors offers the best commercial painting services in Boston’s South Shore. It is important for you to hire a painting company that can provide you with the professional painting services that you need for your commercial property. Trust Proshield Exteriors to deliver premium results on your interior or exterior commercial paint job in Boston’s… read more

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Enjoy Good Conversation with your Dinner Guests by Choosing the Right Color of Paint

You love to have people over to your house for parties and you spend a good deal of the time in the dining room and kitchen. Your house is due for some interior painting as part of a make over and you’re looking for the right colors for the spaces. But you know color has… read more

Bring Some Attitude into your Home through Color and Make a Good Impression

Psychologists have long known that we are affected by color. They can influence our mood, our drive, our attitude, as well as other people’s impressions of us. If we wear what is considered a power color to an interview, versus a neutral color, we are more apt to be noticed. This principle can apply to… read more

Update the House Before Selling to Help Raise the Resale Value

You are getting ready to sell your home and need to do some improvements to it to help the resale value, but don’t want to pour money into this home. One place to start is by painting the interior and exterior of the house. There are other places to help the resale including making sure the… read more

Brighten up your House with Fresh Interior Paint this Winter

During the winter, you spend a good deal of your time indoors. Don’t fall into the same routine of day in and day out over the holidays. Use that time inside to be productive. You can use that time to plan an update for your house, in some new paint colors to freshen up your… read more