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Apartment Interior Painting - Proshield ExteriorsApartment Interior Painting, and Apartment Exterior Painting

Does your apartment desperately require a new look? Most people would dread the seemingly daunting task of painting their apartment but they fail to realize that it is the most convenient and inexpensive way of bringing some refreshing touches to your cozy home. However, it does require you to take some extra measures before starting out with apartment interior painting to ensure the best finishing.

Apartment Interior Painting is something best handled by the experts at Proshield, so you can be sure that you are getting the top quality paint job that you will love for life. The following are some of the prerequisites and procedures of the fine paint job you will receive with Proshield Exteriors. Whether you are in need or apartment interior painting, or exterior, we can help.


Here are some of the steps we follow when we our team is painting your home:

1. Moving around large furniture items in the room:

Painting becomes much easier when there are none or fewer furniture items in the room. Moving heavy ones to the middle and covering them with old sheets helps in saving them from any unwanted stains or marks. Tape off adjacent walls, window sills, and even the light switches and use newspapers to cover the floor.


2. Testing the color:

When you are going with apartment interior painting, we can test the color you have chosen on the particular wall. This will give you the idea of the final look of the wall in your room’s lights. The better way out is to try out a few samples and choose the one which appeals to you the most.


3. Cleaning the walls:

It is better to wipe the walls well before starting the paint. There is a buildup of dust, dirt, and oil from hands on the walls which is ignored by some of the people. Removing this debris will ensure that your paint adheres to the wall for a longer period of time.


4. Determining how much paint is needed:

In order to increase the value of your property and improve aesthetics, apartment exterior painting is important. We at Proshield will make sure to bring the proper equipment, paint and tools to get the job done.


5. Brush before rolling:

It is important to use the brush on the sides of the walls where the roller cannot reach properly. Carefully brush the sides about an inch from the corner, the ceiling, and the floor. Afterward, you can easily use the roller on the rest of the wall leaving a smooth, flat surface.


6. Ensure the proper equipment is being used:

We at Proshield use only the finest quality brushes, equipment, and more so you can be sure that you are getting the best possible paint job for your Apartment Interior Painting or Apartment Exterior Painting. We also offer Condominium Interior and Exterior Painting.